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Special home needed for a very special kitty!

jennAva is a semi-feral, 1.5 year old cat we are hoping to find a special home for. She came into rescue with her two kittens who have since been adopted by very caring and generous people. She is now “settling” into a very quiet apartment life with her foster mom.

While Ava will not run away when you enter a room, or hiss or swipe, she very obviously is not happy to be touched and will not seek out attention – although she will tolerate the occasional pet. We are looking for an adoptive home that understands that Ava may, or may not come around, and are willing to accept her no matter what. We are open to any inquiries about her. We are looking for either a quiet environment where she can be left to her own devices, or possibly someone who would like to have a barn or shop cat. She would make a great mouser.



She is not feral enough that we feel it would be appropriate to return her to the streets with a Trap/Neuter/Release program, but she is not quite suited for the life of a “family cat” either. If you think you may be able to provide her with proper care, and love on her terms,  please inquire!

A bit of horrible news from last night.


If you all remember Kallee, a 1 yr old retriever sheppard cross born into resscue on Jan 1st 2013, you will remember last summer when she was attacked by another dog and had her neck broken. Since then she has made a full recovery. Sadly, tonight she was attacked by a pair of coyotes while out for a bathroom break. The foster was able to scare them off but Kallie was bleeding and in shock.

Last night, she was rushed to Pembina Vet and is enroute to our vet, Best Friends Animal Hospital this morning.

If you would like to donate to her care please contact the vet directly (204) 269-4451.

I am so sad having to write this  If you live out of the city, please keep an eye on your pets, especially at night!



EDIT: Very sorry to report that Kallee passed away this morning. Anyone that knew her, knew what a wonderful and kind spirit she was. She will be sorely missed around the rescue.

Rest in peace, sweet Kallee.




Online applications now available!

Tired of filling out pesky PDF forms with all of your information, only to find out that the program you’re using just won’t save your data? Now that’s a thing of the past! JFFR is happy to announce that webforms are now a thing that we are using!

Looking to adopt?

Looking to foster?

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Fosters needed!

Hey everyone! As you may know, we work very closely with our friends at Norway House Animal Rescue and recently they’ve taken on an amazing project to get owned female dogs a contraceptive implant.  Its such a great project and you can read more about it here. The ladies that have gone up to Norway House, MB have decided to save a few dogs while they are at it, and have asked us to take in the following dogs.  If you’re in a position to foster a dog in need until their furever family has been found, please check out our Foster page to learn more about it and fill out an application.

This handsome fellow is about 2-3 yrs old. “Boy Cate” is instantly loving and loyal. He is “Skye”s boyfriend, and is her protector. He has gotten a taste of the indoor life, and has decided it is something he would be interested in, on a permanent basis.









This Weekend!

Ready to meet the kitty of your dreams?

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We’ve had an awful lot of cats and kittens join us over the last few weeks. We feel its only fitting to have a cat and kitten adoption fair this weekend!  Jet, Isabella, Cindy, Lennie, and a few very adorable kittens would love to meet you.

Introducing Spot!

If you’re a Bulldog lover, prepare for cuteness overload! Meet Spot an 11 week old single breed American Bulldog who’s had a rough start to his life. Spot came into our rescue this weekend very underweight, presenting with some eye issues and a peculiar walk. Our vet believes this poor little guy has hip dysplasia which can happen at a very young age, usually due to improper breeding. Sadly, Spot may require future surgeries or medical intervention, only time and regular vet check ups will tell. As such, we have labeled him as a special needs case and will have to go to a home that is understanding that he may not fully live out a long and healthy life without the possibility of surgical intervention, which can get rather costly.

SpotHe is a loving little guy that would fit into any home that is familiar with the Bulldog breeds. Spot is currently working on potty training and is doing really well with crate training.

While Spot is searching for his FURever home, he is also looking for a foster home to take him in and help him put on a little weight (he needs to gain about 9lbs!).

Anyone interested in fostering or adopting Spot can contact us at

The Beautiful Mutts of Norway House

Fancy was extremely excited this morning when she pulled up The Souwester and saw herself in the news! Hopefully this doesn’t go to her head, but if it does.. well, we’ll let it slide because its for a great cause!


Our friends at Norway House Animal Rescue have been working very hard to get an implant program started, you can read more about the initiative in this article.

While the puppies featured in the article (with the exception of Fancy) are not currently available –  we do have plenty of “One Of A Kind” Beautiful Mutts from Norway House that are  looking for families! Please feel free to contact us to learn more about adopting one of these northern beauties.

Fancy welcomes some new puppies who just flew into Winnipeg.

Fancy (AKA Lucy 2.0) welcomes some rescue puppies that have just arrived from the same northern community that she’s from! So much personality packed into girl, its hard to believe that she still hasn’t found her FURever family!

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